The Clarendon Arbor Press has been designed and manufactured in the UK for general bench presswork where no specific tools are required. This hand operated press can be used for staking, riveting, installing and removing bearings and other press fit work.

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The Clarendon Precision Press PXP series is particularly suitable for accurate assembly, precision punching and light press work.

Designed to give lasting trouble free service, the triangular shaped Ram & mating Pinion are manufactured in high tensile steel with machine cut teeth to ensure full tooth engagement. All presses in this range feature a smooth table surface with a central hole accurately aligned to the hole in the ram itself.

The ram can also be fitted with inserts to suit various customer applications. All the PXP series are fitted with adjustable depth stops and slide way gib adjustment.

PXP1 & PXP2 are fitted with torsion return springs, PXP3 is manual return.

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The Clarendon Assembly Press PLP1XT has been designed for light, high-speed production and assembly tasks. The simplicity of operation with this type of press makes it ideally suited to instrument assembly and similar delicate work.



The Clarendon Bridge Press PBP has been designed and manufactured in the UK. The double column press is a large capacity manual press suitable for heavy duty presswork and broaching applications. With 530mm between the columns and 620mm height over the table, the press is capable of delivering up to 1 Ton / 1000kgf of pressure.

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All stands are mild steel, heavy duty fabricated units with “Work Piece” Catchment pads. There are three models of stand to suit either PLP, PXP or bridge press ranges.

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