MS25 Portable Dust Extractor

The MS25 is a free standing portable machine suitable for use with grinding, polishing and abrasive belt sanders from within the product range or for similar machines of equal performance.

MS25 Portable Dust Extractor Features:

  • Will accept host unit on lid to form pedestal mounting
  • Nominal air flow 12.5m³/sec
  • 2.32 square meter filter area
  • Single or three phase 1.10Kw
  • 695w x 735d x 875h – Nett wgt: 83Kg
  • 73/75 dBA – 3 meters complete with in-built explosion relief and antiblast barriers
  • Clarendon products are designed and manufactured to comply with all statutory safety requirements in force within the European Union; marked and certified accordingly.

    Particular attention must be given, by the end user, to any mandatory local or national requirements, especially those relating to grinding wheels; the protection of eyes and control of substances hazardous to health.
    Product Code Description Air Flow Filter Area Motor
    COMPACT10-1PH or 3PH Compact 10 Portable Dust Extacror 5.5m³/sec 0.89m² Single or Three Phase
    MS10-1PH or 3PH MS10 Dust Extractor 8.5m³/sec 0.93m² Single or Three Phase
    MS25-1PH or 3PH MS25 Portable Dust Extractor 12.5m³/sec 2.32m² Single or Three Phase
    MS50-1PH or 3PH MS50 Dust Extractor 20m³/sec 4.64m² Single or Three Phase
    MS100-1PH or 3PH MS100 Dust Extractor 28m³/sec 9.29m² Single or Three Phase

    Application Guide

    SIZE (mm) 200 250 500 350 400 200 250 200 250 100 150
    Occasional Use MS10 MS10 MS25 MS50 MS50 MS10 MS25 MS10 MS10 MS10 MS10
    Production Use MS25 MS25 MS50 MS100 MS100 MS25 MS50 MS25 MS25 MS25 MS25